Bike Duluth Festival Camping-20W x 45L site- Grand Ave.....

Bike Duluth Festival Camping-20W x 45L site- Grand Ave.....

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Campsites will be assigned by Spirit Mt staff. All festival camping sites will be dry camping sites.  There will be access to a shared fire pit, water spigot, and portable bathrooms.  Please make sure you are reserving a site that fits the equipment you plan on bringing.  Once campsites are filled there will be no ability to switch sites.

This Reservation is for a  camper van or RV that will fit a 20 w x 45 L site

Single fee for weekend camping( Friday Aug 6th- Sunday 8th):
  • $50 camper, RV, van
  • $30 tent spot

Bike Duluth Event Camping Rules:
Camping in designated RV spots or tent areas only.

Quite hours of 10:00 PM-8:00 am   

No activities may interfere with neighbors, including but not limited to sound systems, lights, fireworks, etc.

Pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash and picked up afterward.

Zero Tolerance on public intoxication, and any unlawful or disrupting behavior

There will be one communal fire pit for campers to use at the base of Spirit Mountain.  No other fires are allows

Rules will be enforced/interpreted at the sole discretion of Spirit Mt. Failure to abide by camping rules will result in the authorities being called.